Fieldwork Tutorials (22 August)

On 22 August, Sonja Eisenbeiss will be leading the following workshop tutorials (reminder: all tutorials will take place in PC Lab M 4S.2.4.):

10-12 Collecting Reaction-Time Measurements outside the Traditional Lab-Setting, Using Dmdx

(with Naledi Kgolo)

In this tutorial, I will give a brief introduction to the challenges and resources that one faces when one wants to carry out psycholinguistics research outside a “traditional” psycholinguistics lab with its specialised hardware and software, for instance in fieldwork settings or in schools. One of the resources that researchers use in these contexts is the free reaction-time measurement software DMDX. Hence, I will give an introduction to the use of this software. If you have a laptop, please download and install the software and bring it along to the workshop: . I will be in Lab M 30min before the workshop to help with installation problems.

13-15 Transcribing and Annotating Video and Audio-Data with Elan

(with Lena Papadopoulou)

ELAN is a free multimedia annotation software package that allows you to add transcriptions to sound or video files and link them to particular utterances or sequences of actions and gestures. If you want to practice on one of your own files, please bring a laptop and install ELAN on this laptop:

15-17 Analysing Child Language and Child-Directed Speech using the CLAN tools of CHILDES

This tutorial will give an introduction to the CHILDES database and the associated standard format for transcriptions that most child language researchers use (CHAT). Then, I will show how one can search and count utterances with particular properties or elements using the so-called CLAN tools of CHILDES. See this webpage for software downloads, data downloads and tutorials:


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