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it is time for exams and summer projects. Thus, we thought we should post some info about our linguistic and psycholingusitics web resources. Feel free to share them with others and spread the word: Our resource site for Experimental Linguistics in the Field providesĀ reading lists, tutorials, and information for the kinds of statistics, experiment materials,

University of Essex: MA Psycholinguistics

With all the new developments in our Department, we thought now is the time to give you the most up-to-date list of modules/classes for our MA Psycholinguistics at the University of Essex, 2016/2017. The programme specifications, which are currently being updated, have more information abou the individual modules/classes and can be found here. Below our

Workshop: The role of #Interaction in #LanguageDevelopment and Loss throughout the #Lifespan 26/04/2016

Originally posted on childdirectedspeech:
On the 26th of April, 2016, the University of Essex Research Centre for Language Development throughout the Lifespan (LaDeLi) is hosting a workshop on “The Role of Interaction in Language Development and Loss throughout the Lifespan”. You can see the programme below or download a pdf-version of the programme. The Workshop…

#LanguageGames, #ChildDirectedSpeech, #SLT & #parenting on @Pintrest

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We now collect information about language games and language support activities on Pintrest and you can follow us when we post interesting things that we find online: tips for activities that support language development in children: https://uk.pinterest.com/sonjaeisenbeiss/language-activities/ “quiet books” (or “busy books”) that can be used in “not-so-quiet” ways to…